Global Inbound Services

Expand your business globally,
leveraging telecoms solutions.


A simple & effective way
to achieve a global presence for your customers.

Carrier Italia offer Local Access Numbers and Toll Free numbers, expand your business globally leveraging telecoms solutions.

If you feel your business may benefit from having a range of global numbers in order to present an international image contact us.

80+ locations, 60+ countries

International Toll-Free numbers are widely used for various services including Sales and Support.

We enable Companies to have a cost effective Global presence with our unrivalled availability and ultra-competitive rates.

We are the ideal Business Partner with a proven record of working with our clients in expanding their Global Telecoms Infrastructure.


International Local / Geographic Numbers
are numbers which are in specific local area codes within your desired country.

These numbers simply divert back to your Contact Centre/Head Office, and gives you the benefit of a local rate call cost to your customer and provides you with a locality specific business image.


Use Carrier Italia to
unify the service and obtain all your local access services from a single vendor.

Your business may already been using local access numbers from different vendors in different countries.

Our existing clients vary across all business sectors and include Audio Conferencing Companies, Corporate Service Providers, Travel & Leisure, Retail and Education to name a few.

Within these Sectors our Numbers assist our Clients from High Revenue Sales Lines to Critical Customer Services Support.

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We offer different solutions based on numerous routing plans, fast implementation and release of network services.

Why choose
our services

There’s a reason that many businesses worldwide trust Carrier Italia as their VoIP number provider: transparency, coverage and quality call.

  • Direct connections
    with Tier 1 carriers around the world allows Carrier Italia to deliver reliable, high-quality business phone service globally.
  • Our customers get the best
    in VoIP number reliability and failover provisioning, including fully redundant call routing and 24/7 monitoring

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