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Expand your business globally,
leveraging telecoms solutions.

We started Carrier Italia in 2008 with the mission to provide smart communications solutions to organizations of all sizes.

Our initial products focused on global voice interconnections, but we have since enhanced our product offering to include messaging.

Our network flexibility delivers fast interconnection and opens up new market opportunities in the areas of telecommunications and our experience and competence in the same market give us complete insight into your needs enables our clients to benefit from a reliable stream of communication services with the utmost convenience.

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15+ years of experience, 200+ Interconnects with reliable network coverage and leading rates

We are proud that many tier one global companies from more countries have chosen us to provide them with their business critical and highly sensitive communications needs.

Today, more global customers rely on Carrier Italia to solve their communication challenges by routing important messages and calls on their behalf.

Our SMS and Voice continue to revolutionize business-customer interactions, making contacts easier, more efficient and more accessible than ever.

In a rapidly expanding market, we represents the ideal partner for those wanting to improve their competitiveness.


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